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Raw Danger

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Price: $23.90
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Item Number: SLUS-21501
Jan/UPC Code: 093992092504
From the Publisher
Players must think on their feet and utilize creative survival skills to have any hope of seeing their family again. Body temperature and health decrease when players are wet or in cold weather too long - they must find places to warm themselves and scrap together meals from whatever they can find. In the end, players must run, climb, jump, and crawl their way out of this devastated city, while constantly trying to piece together information from emergency broadcasts and other victims of the disaster.
* Player have complete freedom to explore the 3D quake-ridden island at their own peril! The hero must uncover the truth behind the devastation by assisting fellow castaways that are found on the island!

* Problem solving includes the ability of the hero to piece together separate items in order to build tools to help in his escape!

* The player may use objects like bikes, boats, compasses and more to aid in escaping the island!

* No other video game has ever approached this level of simulation in depicting the "real" effects of a major city being torn apart by the forces of nature!

* Special Feature: S-FORCE 3D Sound Library is included to make each earthquake feel as real as possible!

UPC: 093992092504


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