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Wrestle Angels: Survivor 2 Limited Edition

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Price: $88.00
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Item Number: SLPM-55056
Publisher: Tryfirst
Jan/UPC Code: 4562227660024
Update: November 6, 2008
Japanese fans of women's wrestling and animation first got a taste of Wrestle Angels in 1992 on the PC-9801. Developer Tryfirst and publisher Success collaborate on the sequel for the Playstation 2 where players manage, coach, and guide a league of professional women wrestlers. The game features over 120 wrestlers including a kick-boxing ginger named Makoto Kondou, an aspiring young grappler named Kazuki Aiba, and a cool-headed technical wrestler named Toshimi Minami.

At the outset of the game, players recruit the girls from a pool of wrestling wannabes and then put them through a practice regimen to hone their abilities. The in-ring action is played in flick-action interaction sequences where players choose a move for the wrestler and watch it play out on the screen. A variety of grappling moves is available to each wrestler to mix up the wrestling theatrics. The publisher touts 80 different moves which are accompanied by animation sequences.

Tryfirst hired over 50 voice actresses to provide speech for the wrestlers to add extra spirit and verve to the game 
Bonus Schwag
All preorders and new orders will include a bonus Wrestle Angels 2 Limited Edition Voice CD which was given out by the publisher in 100% ratio.

Region Lock-out

Please note Japanese Playstation 2 games will not boot on USA or European PS2 consoles due to the inherent region-lockout on Playstation 2 game discs.

NCS Game Notes
» Press START on the title screen and the following game modes appear:
● Management - Build a wrestling troupe and compete in tournaments
● Special Match - Choose a wrestler, choose an opponent and then play flick-card-wrestling
● Team Battle - Play a 4-vs-4 or 5-vs-5 match where the wrestlers grapple in sequential 1-on-1 matches
● One Night Tournament - 1-vs-1, 2-vs-2, or 3-vs-3 competition
● Open League - Face off against a procession of wrestling opponents
● Gallery - Features 316 pieces of wrestler artwork that's spread out across 36 pages (must be unlocked)
● Option - Set voice, sound effect, and BGM volume levels, toggle Dual Shock vibration, set message speed
● LOAD - Resume a game from memory card save-date

» Some of the wrestlers wear eye-popping outfits. Repeat: eye-popping.

» As mentioned earlier, the game is flick-action. That means you choose a move and then watch the move play out on screen. Your wrestler's portrait is shown on one side of the screen while the opponent is on the other side. In the background, the wrestling ring may be seen. Below each wrestler is a set of five attack cards. Choose one and it'll be thrown into the center of the screen where the opponent's card meets it. Depending on whose card is stronger, the ensuing move will be to your advantage or to the opponent's advantage. Action cards may also be bolstered by modifiers which enhance its offensive power. 

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