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Toho Daikaiju Series Yuji Sakai Sculpture Collection Godzilla 2000 (New, 2023) Preorder

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Price: $188.98
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Item Number: PLX-TDGZ
Publisher: Plex
Jan/UPC Code: 4532149021593

Product Synopsis
Update: December 08, 2022
   In 1999, Mr. Yuji Sakai molded a millennium template as a molding staff (design works) in the production of a new Godzilla for the movie "Godzilla 2000 Millennium". It was released last year and received a great response.

   "Original Image Godzilla 2" was created by Mr. Yuji Sakai during the production process of Godzilla 2000 Millennium stationery and submitted to the Toho staff room. Based on this original image Godzilla 2, as one of the models for consideration, "Godzilla 2000 Millennium Hinagata" was molded after meetings with the director and staff.

   Gills protruding from the head to the shoulders, large dorsal fins visible from the front, teeth like those of a feline animal, an unprecedented number of dorsal fins, etc. Despite this, it looks more combative and ferocious than the Millennium Hinagata due to the poses of both arms that move while standing firmly, the sharp body shape and the small head. As for the coloring, the vivid blue color of the dorsal fin and the reddish expression of the skin inside the gills of the neck are novel expressions that had never been seen before in Godzilla.

   This precious Godzilla has been greatly involved in the birth of the immortal masterpiece "Godzilla 2000 Millennium Hinagata" and is indispensable when talking about Millennium Hinagata. Proposed as one of the ideal forms of cool Godzilla that Mr. Sakai, who knows everything about Godzilla, can be said to be the original of the Millennium Hinagata, please add this work to your collection along with the Millennium Hinagata Replica. Please enjoy.

   The Godzilla Store Limited Edition reproduces the luminous state by applying clear blue parts to the dorsal fin under the supervision of Mr. Sakai. In addition, clear parts are used for the neck, and the silver coating is applied from the inside, creating a unique luster that makes the red color of the neck boil.

   For production, Mr.'s cast prototype is converted to WAX and a master mold is produced. The product is molded only from the master mold, minimizing the wear and tear of the soft vinyl, and focusing on reproducing the details as much as possible. Mr. Sakai's coloring is reproduced with an effective method when it is made into a soft vinyl.

Prototype production, modeling produce / Yuji Sakai
Planning cooperation / Yuji Sakai Modeling Studio

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late June 2023.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Plex
Size: H25cm (9.84"), L50cm (19.687")
Material: PVC

Japanese Title: 東宝大怪獣シリーズ 酒井ゆうじ造形コレクション ゴジラ2000ミレニアムひな形検討用モデルバージョン
JAN Code: 4532149021593

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