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Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete First Print Limited Edition Blu-Ray

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Price: $70.90
This item is currently sold out and unavailable
Item Number: ACCW-34031
Publisher: Square Enix
Jan/UPC Code: 4988601461399
NCS Product Synopsis
Update: April 16, 2009 at 12:13PM EST
«©NCSX» The original DVD version of FFVII Advent Children was released in September 2005 and NCS recalls the wonderment in the room as we watched Cloud and company emote, attack, and act with a realistic semblance of humanity. Square's story telling chops and CG renders had come a long way since the days of... Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Fast forward four years and we're treated to another rendition of the FFVII Advent Children movie but this version's special. It's got roughly 30 minutes of new/re-edited footage and the Blu-Ray video quality is stunning. You can see that every strand of Cloud's shabby chic blonde locks is rendered with both love and adoration by the designers.

   FFVII AC Complete is a Japanese product and viewers may watch the movie in its original Japanese language track or toggle to the English language track. Please note that the subtitles are only available in Japanese. Square Enix also throws in a playable preview of Final Fantasy XIII (Japanese language only) for the Playstation 3 which is mastered on a separate Blu-Ray disc. Preorders are shipping today but new orders that were submitted yesterday after 8:30AM EST will ship tomorrow.

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NCS Preorder Synopsis
Updated On January 20, 2009
«©NCSX» Square Enix announced three versions of the upcoming FFVII Advent Children Complete Blu-Ray yesterday and NCS starts preorders today. The Blu-Ray disc ships in Japan on April 16, 2009 but a North American date has not been announced yet.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Limited Edition

   The first version listed on the distribution preorder sheet is dubbed the F
FVII AC Complete First Print Limited Edition which is priced at JPY5900 or US$70.90 from NCS. To whet the appetites of Fantasy fans, Square includes a preview of Final Fantasy XIII which is scheduled to ship later this year in Japan and sometime in 2010 stateside. We've watched previews of the game and read numerous tidbits on the pages of Famitsu but the preview will be the first time we'll get to check out the adventures of Lightning (the female version of Cloud), Snow Villiers, and other cohorts in the comfort of our little gaming den.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children "Cloud Black" PS3 Edition

   The second version of
FFVII AC Blu-Ray throws in Playstation 3 (160GB) console that's decorated with a special imprint. The Final Fantasy XIII "Cloud Black" Playstation 3 features a white ink etching of the Cloudy Wolf on the top shell. In case you're wondering, the Cloudy Wolf is Cloud Strife's personal symbol. The Final Fantasy XIII preview is also included in the bundle which makes it the "comprehensive" version of Blu-Ray release. Pricing for the bundle is set at JPY49,980 or US$639.90 from NCS. Due to the weight of the Cloud Black PS3 bundle, NCS recommends only shipping by UPS Ground within the United States.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Regular Edition

   Last but not least, a Regular Edition of the Blu-Ray will also ship in April which does not include the FFXIII preview. If you just want the movie by its lonesome, then this is the version for you at the price of JPY4900 or US$58.90 from NCS. 

   This document is ©NCSX 2009. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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Cant wait
James Jackson (Toney Alabama) 4/16/2009 8:59 PM
I watched the live videos of him streaming it when he got it, I must say it looks very good. Mine just got shipped out tonight and will be here tomorrow on ups one day air. I highly recommend shopncsx also. thanks for all the very fast and helpful customer service
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